Sustainable Thinking for Today & Tomorrow

An ensemble of thinkers, innovators and most importantly, the socially conscious have united for one common cause – to help the world live sustainably. Our solutions are based after deep diving and understanding the course of industrial evolution and its impact on the environment. Understanding our past has helped us innovate solutions for today, while predicting the problems of tomorrow.

Our Transformative Approach

Nouam’s technology is a fundamental thinking shift in design and engineering. Our radical thinking has given birth to technological solutions that will transform industries.

Global Technology Patents

We hold global patents in the revolutionary and cutting-edge technologies of the Truss Light Rail, EPOOS, and Gagarin.

Extensive R&D department

Nouam’s R&D department begins with first principles to come up with constant improvements to current products, and come up with new solutions.

Innovations for Tomorrow

We recognize the destructive path the world is heading towards, and our innovations today are geared for a better world tomorrow.

Sustainable Living Ideology

Our ideology begins with sustainable living today, and a better world tomorrow. Our technologies are proof that it is possible to create a better future.


Nouam’s products are the next stage in the evolution of solutions for greater sustainability.

Nouam Truss Light Rail (TLR)

Nouam TLR is a cost-effective and environment-friendly mode of public transport that is superior in every way.


EPOOS is an Electro-Plasma technology for water purification, using electric and magnetic fields.


Gagarin is a PGMCC Technology for environmentally-friendly products. It processes waste and outputs clean water as a by-product.


Plastic is everywhere. We need to eliminate plastic at an individual level. When we stop using plastic is when businesses and policymakers will take steps in the right direction.

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