Nouam Methodology

*Closed/Confidential Environment



In a market where there is a resource pool with high levels of specialization, it is critical to be able to respond rapidly to external opportunities and business contingencies.

Our team takes pride in itself on its in-depth product expertise, understanding of clients’ requirements, ensuring that we accurately identify the necessary talent and deliver on a diverse and optimal value-added long-term solution.

We resolve issues, not create them and are ever willing to charter into new waters to build sustainable value for our clients.



Throughout the process, discretion is essential for all parties involved. We respect absolute confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information provided by our clients.

As partners, we realize and believe that its only trust that can stand the test of times, and produce extraordinary results in long term relationships.



Our approach to research is tailored to suit each specific mandate.

We map the entire relevant market, gaining industry references on candidates prior to their submission at the short list stage. Our approach remains thorough and scientific whilst leveraging off our extensive network of contacts and resources.

We examine both “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Up” methodologies while evaluating opportunities. Excellent research and valuation capabilities exist within the group to add value to all our privileged consumers.



Before initiating every transaction, we work with the client to customize proposals towards current market conditions and corporate strategy.

Regular reports and updates provide clients with timely and crucial progress information and strategic advices at all stages of our relationships.

We take a holistic view on each opportunity and service them without compromising the long-term objectives of our clients.

Every client is unique. We treat them with respect and discipline.



We deliver what we promise, every time on time.